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Our Value Promise

Our value promise was formed after we asked over 2,500 dealers how we were doing and what we could do better. We’re 
pleased to say that the feedback was good but it did identify what we could be better at. And that’s why we’ve introduced 
our Value Promise.

Already we’ve made huge changes to key areas to make working with Auto Trader easier and more flexible. Of course, 
we’re always working to increase the number of leads we drive for you but there’s a lot more that we have and will be doing.

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Already we’ve delivered on areas of our promise including:

A Premium Service, seven days a week

You needed more support from us, so we've extended our customer service and technical support to 7 days a week. We've also retrained our team of over 300 account managers so they can help you to achieve the best response.




More training and advice

You wanted us to help you get the most out of our services. So, we're regularly hosting free countrywide seminars on how to succeed in today's market. Our account managers will also be able to offer onsite training and one-to-one reviews of your performance figures.

Making our tools user friendly

You wanted us to help you get the most out of our products. So far, we've redesigned PULSE and Sales Match reports, our free measurement tools, making them easier to use.



 Making sure only good dealers stand out

You told us that we should be keeping the site clear for customers to focus on trustworthy dealer ads. That's why we've introduced new ways for you and your buyers to report misleading adverts. We're also committed to resolving these issues within 72 hours.

Acting on your feedback

You wanted us to listen and act on what we heard, which is what the online Dealer Community is all about. Based on your feedback, we've implemented six ideas, have 15 more in development and another 22 in the pipeline.






 And More

We are listening to our customers and that's why there's so much more to come. We'll be keeping you regularly updated as to how we're delivering on our promise to you so watch out for more coming soon.

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